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Become a Certified Foster Parent

What is Treatment Foster Care
Treatment Foster Care (TFC), also called Therapeutic Foster Care, is a higher level of foster care serving children and teens (ages 6-18) who have emotional, behavioral and/or medical needs.  Most of our youth have been abused or neglected and functioned developmentally younger than their biological age.  Through trauma informed care, these youth can heal, grow and develop with the support from a caring foster parent.

What does The Next Door provide?

  • On-Call which provides 24-hour support and guidance, both on the phone and in person when the need arises
  • Free trauma-informed training in addition individual and group support meetings
  • Staff works collaboratively as a team to meet the needs of the youth and support foster parents
  • Two paid days off per month (respite)
  • Compensation that is tax-free: $1785/month, per youth
  • $500 bonus to foster parents after training is complete and a youth is placed in their home

What fostering programs does The Next Door have?

The Community Attention Home
This program serves both males and females from the ages of 6-18 years old.  While many of these children attend public school, we provide case management services, mental health and often times additional skills training for the youth.  Many of the youth in the Community Attention Home have experienced abuse, and have increased social, emotional and behavioral needs.  One caring person can change the lives of these children.

The Klahre House
This program serves males ages 13-18years old.  The boys attend our therapeutic school 5 days a week and our staff conduct group and individual therapy and behavioral health sessions.  The boys in the Klahre House program are excited to have a second chance and be successful at home and in their community.  You can be the adult who allows these boys the opportunity to launch into a successful future.

What is required to become a foster parent?

  • A residence within Hood River or Wasco County (either rented or owned)
  • A safe and clean home
  • An extra bedroom
  • Ability to pass a fingerprint based criminal background check
  • Interest in helping youth, either full or part-time