Greta’s Story

dealing-two-babies-pregnant Some days we look good on the outside, but on the inside we feel sad and afraid. Greta feels like this every day. Living in The Dalles with her three children and her husband in a decent little house, you would never know that her heart aches that she’s having another baby boy. She’s afraid that her husband will reject the baby, because he didn’t want another one. She’s afraid the cycle of pain that she experienced as a child won’t be broken.

Growing up, Greta was beaten with a rope because she was a girl. To protect her, her mother sent her away to live at her aunt’s house. Feelings of rejection and abandonment continued to brew in her heart. Her painful past haunts her. She can’t sleep and she’s anxious about having another baby—it overwhelms her. As a parent, can you imagine that kind of pain and shame?

One of our highly-trained Family Services support staff met with Greta recently at a Welcome Baby Visit, and through a flood of tears, she shared her traumatic story for the first time. She felt relieved to be heard and understood. Her heart’s desire is to break the family cycle of pain and abuse, and give her children a better childhood than she had.

How easy is it to overlook someone like Greta, a person who appears to have it “all”, a married mom of three with another baby on the way? Without a visit from our caring family support person, she may have continued trying to hold it all together on the outside, while suffering so deeply from unresolved trauma on the inside.

Will you help us help others, like Greta, to flourish and bloom into the beautiful flowers that they are meant to be? Please consider a donation today, which will be matched—it will change not just one life, but the lives of an entire family.