Meet Trudy

girl-hands-in-hair-YOWHigh school is hard enough, can you imagine taking a strenuous math test after a restless night of sleeping on a friend’s couch because your home feels unsafe? Meet Trudy—a determined, alone, and unsupported teenager.

Trudy doesn’t like to go home after school, because she may find her parents on drug binges that last for days. She relies on the generosity of her friends and their couches to feel safe. Her clothes are worn thin and there are times she goes hungry. Frequently she feels overwhelmed and depressed about her circumstances. She carries the world on her shoulders, what child should have to do that?

She’s a hard worker, holding down a job and going to school so that she can provide for herself. She’s fearful and doesn’t trust many people because of all the uncertainty she faces in her home life. But she’s resilient, and in her heart, she desperately wants to break this cycle of substance abuse. Recently, she was referred to our Youth Outreach Worker who works at the high school, and she has started sharing more about her suffering.

How many kids do we drive by at the bus stop, who are suffering just like Trudy? Without your support, our Youth Outreach Worker wouldn’t have been able to uncover the tough barriers Trudy is facing, so that she and others like her, can reach their full potential!

You can be the sunshine that helps seedlings, like Trudy, grow strong roots—and grow into beautiful blossoms. Please donate today and your donation will be matched!