Sylvia’s Story

IMG_3563 (1)Have you ever had a day where you just can’t shake “the funk”? That “funk” or sadness can take hold of us so quickly. It can take away more than just our joy, it can affect our long-term physical health too.

Sylvia found herself in a trap, battling both depression and diabetes. Sylvia’s doctor thought she didn’t care that her disease was going to kill her, but her culture had taught her not to question doctors. She didn’t fully understand the severity of her situation, and the doctor felt frustrated that she wasn’t getting the care she desperately needed.  The clinic was at its wits’ end and connected Sylvia with Alicia, our Clinical Community Health Worker, to see if she could get Sylvia to take her insulin.

The minute Alicia walked in Sylvia’s front door, she could see the hopelessness in Sylvia’s eyes. With a gentle, soft-spoken tone, Alicia explained to her the seriousness of her situation. Sylvia shared how lonely and isolated she felt. Sylvia hadn’t fully understood what the doctor was telling her; that she could lose her vision, limbs, and possibly her life, if she didn’t take her insulin.

Sylvia felt listened to, and she clearly understood the consequences if she didn’t care for herself. Thankfully, she began to take her life-saving insulin. As Sylvia’s health improved, her outlook improved too.

What if our Alicia hadn’t come when she did? Would Sylvia just be another diabetes statistic? Thanks to donors like you, who continue to water and fertilize our programs with hope, we can connect more people like Sylvia to the care they so desperately need. There is hope, where there was once despair.

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