Why Give

Why Give:

Click on these powerful stories to see how you can impact a person’s life:


Greta’s Story:

Some days we look good on the outside, but on the inside we feel sad and afraid. Greta feels like this every day. Living in The Dalles with her three children and her husband in a decent little house, you would never know that her heart aches that she’s having another baby boy.



Meet Trudy:

High school is hard enough, can you imagine taking a strenuous math test after a restless night of sleeping on a friend’s couch because your home feels unsafe? Meet Trudy—a determined, alone, and unsupported teenager.


dirty-hands-one-small-plantJuan and Monika’s family:

When your family is hurting, you hurt too. That’s how Monika and Juan felt about their daughter, Tonya. When they arrived in our community, they struggled—working three or more jobs to make ends meet.


IMG_3563 (1)Sylvia’s Story:

Have you ever had a day where you just can’t shake “the funk”? That “funk” can take away more than just our joy, it can affect our long-term physical health too. Sylvia found herself in a trap, battling both depression and diabetes.


Color image of a happy girl jumping on a trampoline with her mommy during their home school gym class.      Sarah’s Story




The Next Door’s focus is on changing lives and building communities. Providing financial support to The Next Door means that YOU are investing in our community. Your gift allows us to provide services to our neighbors at the time that they need us most.

  • A gift of $50 provides monthly training support for our Community Health Workers
  • A gift of $100 provides a session of support and education for parents and their babies
  • A gift of $200 provides a month of life-skills training for youth aging out of foster care
  • A gift of $600 provides a month of shelter for otherwise homeless youth in our communities
  • A gift of $1,300 provides a month of mentoring support for a child through Big Brothers Big Sisters.